11. The Chicken Runs at Midnight

Today is a very special day. What makes today special is the date. February 21st 2016 I witnessed a life changing embrace from my wife to a house. That moment stuck with me the entire year. I couldn’t gather the courage to explain it to her until one year later. On the day that I finally gathered the courage, I had no clue that it was in fact the exact day, just one year later. At the time it was just another crazy coincidence that made us laugh. It’s hard to explain how these things happen, but they happen so often. This blog was written to remember them, and to share some good with anyone that wanted to read it. This past weekend I saw a story that really embodied the message I have been trying to make you all understand. This story is going to explain it a lot better than I can. When I watched it I broke down. It was validation that we were not the only ones experiencing these things. Sometimes these things hurt, sometimes they make us laugh, often they make us cry, I am crying right now, but I hope they never stop happening. We think about Brad every single day, and that will never change. Stories like this have purpose, and tragedies may too, but I don’t know that for sure. Maybe one day we get an answer. Please watch the video in the link below. It is sad but it has purpose.


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